Inviting, Exploring, and Expressing the world through me.

Upcoming Events

  • 26. Mai 2018, 20:00 – 23:00
    ZÖNOTÉKA, Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin, Germany
    In a kinetic performance, Mexican-American artist and transformational coach Jazmin Medrano channels the energy of the audience onto canvas, offering a visualization of the ever-changing and multidimensional nature of human interaction that transcends individuality.

About Me

Expression, transformation and channeling lies at the core of the improvisational artwork

of Berlin-based performance artist and transformational coach Jazmin Medrano.

Her body is used both as a vessel and medium, creating kinetic forms that expand organically through the intuitive and

sensual movements of her hands, limbs and torso onto a blank canvas. Integrating the energy of the audience,

Jazmin uses various instruments such as black charcoal to visualize the perceived atmospheric sensations.

As each person radiates energy, the audience is an integral part of the work in progress: by their

mere presence, they collectively contribute to the creational process they are witnessing.

Her performances are about diving into the unknown, where the result is yet unexplored, unrevealed,

and undiscovered; an intimate and unique expression of energy, true to that very moment in time.

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